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I will be putting what I say in bold and italics to avoid any confusion!

Millie Character Information

IntroductionName (last, first): Chase, Millennia 

Why Millennia? There are a lot nicer names out there.

Nickname(s): Millie Age: 14-15 Species: human/wolf

From the picture, we can tell.  I think I would have rather her to be a wolf demon than this.

Gender: female

Birthday: December 1st, 1873 

Life Story: Her parents were British nobles, and since Millie is the Ice Wolf, is always at risk of being kidnapped by smugglers who want to sell her for her powers.

Ok why would they want to smuggle and sell her for her powers? If anything, they’d be AFRAID  of her and her powers! And of course, yet noble family giving birth to this creature and keeping it even though most victorian people were strong religious people and would have given her away to be exorcised or worse. 

When she was 12, coicidentally just a few days after Ciel’s parents were killed, some smugglers attacked her and her family in an alleyway, and in her defense, her parents were shot and killed right in front of her. She fled to the forest, but when she learned that her friend of 3 years, Ciel Phantomhive, was alive, she went to his manor and formed an empathy link with him

There it is! The cliche “my family was killed for cheap plot device!”. And look! She even lost her parents just as Ciel did! leeching off of other characters is really just… No. And what the hell is empathy link? Ciel isn’t known for showing empathy really.

so that she’d be able to protect him. Since her parents were dead and she had nowhere else to go, Ciel allowed her to live at his mansion with him and his butler, Sebastian. She’s been helping Ciel with his cases for the Queen ever since.

And now she lives with him. Oi…

About Him/HerPersonality: Independent, kind, brave, artistic, cunning, swift, can be goofy when she wants to be, mature and wise beyond her years.Good Habit(s): Responsibility, being motherly

Responsibility isn’t a habit. You can say she is good at being reliable or responsible/mature. I suppose these characteristics are too bad. I’ve seen worse.

Bad Habit(s): Can be too overly-protective sometimes of Ciel, can overreact sometimes, and can sometimes be easily upset, her wolf ears and tail popping up in her human form often. 

No. No no no no no no no. You want to know why demons have human forms and don’t show anything from their “animal forms”? TO BLEND IN. 

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McDonald’s: Why We Shouldn’t EAT It


  I just read the most terrifying article about McDonald’s, which has now totally violated my America “Hetalia” Role-playing requirements about how I should act, eat, and dress according to my character.

Hamburgers happen to be a HUGE part of that—unfortunately, I will, from now on, practically REFUSE to eat McDonald’s burgers.

You want to know why? Follow this link: http://bestofmotherearth.com/2008/09/24/1996-mcdonalds-hamburger.html

Ask me about the credibility of this, and I’ll give you my reasons as well:
  1. Haven’t parents always claimed McDonald’s is unhealthy for their children? And,   if they go so far to sue for obesity (which some of them have) then why not accept a more sensible, scientific reason to sue?
  2. I have looked over all of the comments from users on the page. Some claim this and some claim that, but I have deducted from my common sense and science that the lady who wrote this post is at least partially, if not mostly, creditable.
  3. Scientifically, all of this woman’s inferences make sense. She TESTED it.
  4. Isn’t fast food bad for you anyways? Why do we eat it?
  5. The woman who wrote the post is experienced. She sells vitamins and taught about nutrition for 10 years.

On this page is, first of all, a post written by the woman I speak of above. She explains everything very clearly.


Read the post, and if you don’t like it, then you can argue with me. Or the lady.

And if you agree—REBLOG AND SHARE, PLEASE. And then go to your kitchen and fix yourself a salad. Make a resolution to save McDonald’s for very, very, very, very, VERY special occasions or cut down on your McDonald’s foods intake.

You’ll do yourselves a favour.


Okay, so there was another miniature blow-up in the Hetalia fandom about Hima-papa returning. However, I checked his blog and all other blogs associated with him (linked from hetalia scantalations). There was no change.

Same thing with a few weeks ago, when everyone kept saying that Hima-papa…

If Hima-papa is back… I’d really like to know, DARN IT!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY HIMA-PAPA?! DOES THAT MEAN NO MORE HETAL—I mean… I care about him too… yes. I care both about his well-being… AND Hetalia. And his… work…

Loneliness—I Understand It Now

before anyone reads this, please know that this is very true. This is what has happened in my life, and as unbelievable as it is, it’s true. It’s terrible, and I am one who would understand it well. Please read and try, as well, to be understanding of my situation.

Loneliness. I never thought it would be so strong that it would start to kill me from inside. Now I see that that’s exactly what it’s doing.

I remember the time in school this year that I raised my hand at a time for discussion with the students and teacher. I waited for a while to be called on, but when they finished discussing and turned back to the books to read on, my hand was still up. I hadn’t been called on, even though I had waited from the beginning of the discussion to the end. It shocked me that day that no one noticed me, even though I raised my hand so high, but it was true. At first I didn’t think anything about it until the next few days.

And then I realized I hadn’t been called on at all, no matter how long I held my arm up. It was as if no one could see me. Eventually I learned to keep my hand down, knowing that even though I was surrounded by people, no one saw me. It was like a curse, a curse that I couldn’t escape from.

Then it followed me to the playground. When my friends and I were playing volleyball at recess, and I called for one of them to pass the ball to me. It was as it they couldn’t hear me—they passed and bumped to their other teammates, but when the bell rang and recess was over, I hadn’t even touched the ball. And when the kids headed inside the building, no one walked with me. I was, for the first time in my life, completely alone as I went into the school without a companion by my side.

Usually I would head to the grounds to play with my classmates at recess and lunch, whether they asked or not. That day, however, I felt too unhappy to join them due to their ignoring me. Deep inside, I somewhat hoped that one of them would ask me to come to play with them. but as the time passed and no one came to me, I realized that it was simply wishful thinking. I stayed on the bench for days, hoping and hoping. After a while, though, soon I learned not to expect the children in my class to ask me to play with them.

I was alone. And loneliness was not something I was used to.

In my old school, I had had friends. Many of them were like my family, and one of them was my best friend—we were inseparable. but every one of them meant something to me, every child who was my companion there. However, when I moved schools in fifth grade, I expected the kids in my new school to be the same. And at first they were, but then the warmth slowly faded away and they no longer saw me.

Now, two years later, nothing has changed.

I am alone. And although I never understood loneliness before, now I do. It can eat a person up inside and destroy their souls. Just like it has been doing to me for two years. I cannot stand it, but I must tolerate it, because still, I am invisible.

Loneliness has become a part of my very life.

1003 (Germancest)


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Even though I can’t read Japanese, seeing the German brothers crying made me cry too!

Has anyone else noticed how much our fanfic terms sound like drugs?



Let’s see here, we got slash, crack, lemon, lime, PWP, fluff, angst, AU. Seriously, it’s like some sort of shady fanfic underground.

#omg #and with ships and canon it’s like we’re pirates #illegally selling pirate drugs

thank you for those tags.

God. They really are right. FANFIC TERMS ARE LIKE DRUGS. And I’m ADDICTED.

  • lypophrenia: a feeling of sadness seemingly without a cause
  • drapetomania: an overwhelming urge to run away
  • escapism: a mental desire to retreat from unpleasant realities through fantasy
  • wanderlust: a desire to travel, to understand one’s very existence
  • dysania: the state of finding it difficult to get out of bed in the morning
  • sanctuary: a small safe place in a troubling world
  • metathesiophobia: fear of change

It seems as if I have all of this. Sadness… a want to run away… a want to escape to my own fantasies and to travel and understand why I’m here. I can’t ever get out of bed in the morning, and I have a great fear of change, mainly concerning politics and countries…

…but one thing is missing. Is there no sanctuary for me?


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What can I say? I am always all alone, even when others are with me… it can kill a person inside… take it from me. I know. EINSAMKEIT~

What can I say? I am always all alone, even when others are with me… it can kill a person inside… take it from me. I know. EINSAMKEIT~